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Ultrasonic Cleaner
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Operation Instruction

1. When the function menu lamp is off the digital display the present water temperature.

2. When the "SET TIME" lamp is on the digital display the setting work time.

   "001-060"Means you plan to clean 1-60 minutes. 

    If you set the work time "000",it means you plan to work without time limited.

    The initial setting is "005"

3. When the "SET TEMP" lamp is on the digital display the setting water temperature.

   Centigrade: set range:"000-080",initial setting is "025"

   Fahrenheit: set range:"032-176",initial setting is "77"

4. When the "SET POWER" lamp is on the digital display the setting ultrasonic cleaner power.

   set range:"001-005",initial setting is "005"

5. When the "SET FREQ" lamp is on the digital display the setting ultrasonic cleaner frequency. 

   set range: "LO-HI",initial setting is "LO",

   "LO" means the ultrasonic cleaner set the low frequency.

   "HI" means the ultrasonic cleaner set the high frequency.